Arizona Land Bargains

Unique and Beautiful Land at Rock Bottom Prices!

Arizona Land Bargains - Unique and Beautiful Land at Rock Bottom Prices!
Arizona Land Bargains - Unique and Beautiful Land at Rock Bottom Prices!

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LAND, one of the most valuable commodities, it is our future and what makes it so special is that it is LIMITED...there will never be enough to meet our growing demands. No one knows the future or for sure what it holds, but what we do know is that land will soon be gone as our population continues to grow!

Now is the time....Now is the time to claim your stake! As of today, May 30th, 2013 there are only 5,662 Active land listings in the Phoenix Metro area also known as "The Valley of The Sun." Some of these listings are under 1 acre, some are 10-20 acres and some are more than 40, 60, 80 or even 100+ acre parcels.

Everyone knows that during the "Hype" of our market in 2005, you couldnt even purchase a home in the Phoenix area for under $200,000. Today, there are an abundant of those opportunities as seen on: But soon, that opportunity will no longer be available as we enter into a "normal market." Also, in 2005 it wasn't uncommon to see land go from $4000 an acre to $150,000 an acre for the same parcel!

Today, that same land is available at a great discount...a Bargain indeed! Today, there are opportunities available at prices unheard of! This one lucky Canadian buyer of mine purchased an incredible Bank Owned home from me for pennies on the dollar...a couple of months later, we found a 40 acre parcel of land for him that was listed for $5,000,000 2 years ago....and today we purchased it for only $250,000!!!! WOW, thats a 95% price reduction on a beautiful piece of land. This 40 acre parcel is located in a prime location and has paved roads with electric to the property...A few years from now, this land could be worth a fortune or perhaps even close to the list price of 2 years ago!

Like I always tell my best investor clients, "buy low and sell high." This is a simple concept and applies to most everything in our daily lives! Now is a great time to buy land as prices are so day, we will one again look back at these prices and opportunities and only wish if we could go back in time...kind of like the "shoulda, woulda, coulda" concept.

In this website, you will find AMAZING land at Bargain prices....pennies on the dollar. Most will be "Bank Owned" and others will be sellers who are less fortunate and their loss is your gain... Be sure to look under the "My Best Bargains" tab for the incredible land deals that I have hand picked for you. You dont have to search the internet, hire another Reator, search newspapers or the MLS for the best land deals out there, I have done all of the research for you!

Be sure to watch this site daily....and as always, if you find the Bargain that is right for you, by all means lets do it! These great deals wont always be around and most of them will go very fast. Land is limited and we have a supply that will soon be exhausted as our market continues to expand outward and "sprawl."

Be sure to visit my "Blog" section in my website for the latest real estate and land news in the Greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Also, when you see the date for number of listings change on this page, that typcially means I have added new amazing Bargains to my "Best Bargains" section!

If you dont find what you are looking for here, please contact Jon and he will find the land Bargain for you. You may email Jon at:, call him at 602-410-9585...or even text him your request.

What are you waiting for? Let's find a Bargain piece of land, make our offer and "Beat the Bank!"


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